Nutjobs on Parade

Has anyone seen the news coverage of this fellow in St. Louis that shot up the city council before killing himself?  Obviously he had serious mental issues, for this to be his reaction to some tickets received for illegal construction equipment parking, but the part that baffles me is the reaction of his mother & brother who are all over the news.  They’re defending this guy’s actions, because 1) the city was persecuting him and 2) it was a war. 

Clearly the complete lack of any apparent grip on reality runs in the family.

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2 Comments on “Nutjobs on Parade”

  1. byrdlady Says:

    i was SO shocked to hear their reactions, too. i was watching the news the day after it happened and they were interviewing the brother and the news anchor just had to cut him off–he couldn’t listen to it anymore.

  2. I didn’t see that.

    Some days I want to weep for humanity.


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