Snow Day


Apparently today is *not* the day that I’m destined to have my trial transfer/saline sono/great big paperwork appointment, because the heavens have dumped 9+ inches of snow on my house.  You know when the snow’s drifted to your knees on the front steps (and you’re a long-legged girl) that it’s deep, and you have no business driving on the interstate, what with it still snowing and the sand trucks sliding off of the interstate into the ditch, and all.  So I called Receptionist Efficient and rescheduled for Monday, which honestly works better for me anyway.  And I get to stay home now, having been home from work about an hour, and eat breakfast and sleep all day and snuggle Ms P until I have to go back to work tonight.  Yippee! 

In other news, am apparently over the plague(s) and beginning to feel lifelike.  Still need to send in my financial paperwork (bad snark) and have my “infectious disease” labs drawn (bad snark, again, but it was pouring down rain when I was planning to go after work yesterday a.m., and was snowing like mad this a.m., and…will try for tomorrow.)  I have no idea why I said baseline labs in the last post – they’re not – they’re my repeat ID labs, what with my old ones being 2.5 years old, and my working with virus-laden people’s fluids and all that.  I’m not worried, after all, as I follow universal precautions, and I give blood routinely (free disease screening *and* cookies) but it’s still a necessary evil. 

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4 Comments on “Snow Day”

  1. Calliope Says:

    very glad you were not out driving in that.

  2. Mtnveil Says:

    What a Beautiful picture, But I luv SNOW!
    Driving in snow is fun and skillhandling. Been a very long time since this girl traveled in snow. I am heading to CO in April and in June to move back there so it should be intersting.
    I luv Snow days!

  3. Care Says:

    You got way more snow than we did here – ours was all gone by noon. Hope you enjoyed your snow day (and very glad you are starting to feel better!)

  4. byrdlady Says:

    Wow. Well despite the annoyance, its awfully beautiful! i had to wear a tank top here yesterday!

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