Did you see this new study out today about caffeine and miscarriage?  Just saw it on the news this a.m., but they’re now linking consumption of caffeine of 200 mg or more per day to a doubled risk of m/c, particularly in the 8-16 wks gestation group. The thought is that perhaps the embie/fetus has trouble metabolizing the caffeine.

I’ve been worrying about my caffeine intake vis a vis the IVF anyway, but this just clinches it.  I’ve got to get off of the stuff. 

But damn…I work nights!  And I take in around 300-400 mg/day!  Ai yi yi. 

This week’s goal is under 200 mg/day.  I’m trying to wean slowly, because you know those caffeine headaches are a bitch.  And I’m going to post my totals here, so you all can throw rocks at me if necessary.

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5 Comments on “Decaffeinating”

  1. I get them bad too. Love my coffee. I cut back to half decaf and half reg first of year. And I survived. Plan to cut back even further. BTW, I thought it was 300 mg. But still took it as a serious no0no

  2. vee Says:

    *sob* – I’ve already cut back to one measley cup a day. Looks like it’s time to try harder.

  3. Calliope Says:

    I started doing 1/2 caff a year ago and by the time I did my 1st IVF in October I was off the junk. Now if I have it I get a giant headache.


  4. byrdlady Says:

    i did hear about that, and it worried me as well. good luck with the weaning–i don’t know how i’m gonna do it! (although, i only drink a cup or two per day as it is)

  5. I did see that and it surprised me, since, when I was pregnant with Gabe (uh, yeah, that was 8 years ago) – my doctor was all, “oh, just make sure you keep it to two cups of coffee a day and you’ll be fine”…

    I guess she was wrong. I have such a caffeine addiction (only 2 cups a day, but, oy, if I don’t have those two cups, the caffeine headaches could drive me to drink) – I guess I’m just glad I’m not trying to get pregnant any time, well, ever.

    Good luck with weaning yourself off…


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