Whore Moans

I just popped my first birth control pill for my IVF, while suppressing a little chuckle.  This is now the third time in my life that I’ve been on bcps, and, oddly enough, none of those episodes on birth control have been to control birth.  Ah, the irony.  The IVF med-count is now at 5 pills/day (three AM, two PM.)  Look for this space to fill with needles of various sizes sometime mid-February.

Also, this means that last night was my last night of non-IVF-hormone-influenced sleep until sometime in March.  So what did I dream about?  Making out with Viggo Mortensen.  More, please.  😉  (And far better than my dream the previous “night” in which I dreamt that I woke up and had been turned into a man.  Shudder.)

I went for my baseline scan on 1/9, and everything looked like it usually does.  Thin endometrium?  Check.  Enough antral follies to spawn an entire football team (including third-string?)  Check.  FSH and estradiol?  Check (3.6 and 59, respectively, if anyone cares.)  I was pronounced normal (hold the laughter, there) and my calendar was set up. 

The rough schedule:

1/11 start BCP and 81 mg aspirin

Sometime in January, repeat pap (I’m due) and have HIV/hep labs

2/6 saline sono, trial transfer, injection review, sign consents, order meds

2/13 start Lupron 10U (bitchy! yay!)

2/16 stop BCP (and, presumably, bleed sometime thereafter)

2/21 baseline u/s & lab

2/22 start Follistim 200 IU, cut Lupron to 3U

2/26 u/s, lab.  add Menopur?

2/29 u/s, lab.

3/2 u/s, lab.

3/3 or later – retrieval (ER)

3-5 days post ER – transfer (ET)

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One Comment on “Whore Moans”

  1. Care Says:

    Woohoo – the journey begins!

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