What? Me Menstrual?

Surely not.

Things that make me want to type pissy responses today:

1) “We’re pregnant!!!”  Um, no.  One of you is pregnant.  The other may be involved, granted, but only the person with the occupied uterus is pregnant.  This phrase is only appropriate when used by two or more people with occupied uteri.  Thank you.

2) “HIPAA (or even better, HIPPA) says”  No, in actuality, HIPAA doesn’t say 95% of what you think it says.  If the hospital releases your name/room number, and you haven’t declined being listed in the directory (when asked if you want to be listed, as everyone is asked) that’s not a HIPAA violation.  It’s just a case of you being a dumbass.  I could add a half-dozen other recent examples, but that’ll do.

3) “We’re finally pregnant after three months of trying!”  Finally.  Yes.  Quite.  Does someone have a handy brick wall for me to beat my head against?  (Note, this is even richer when posted in a forum for infertiles.  Thaaaanks.)

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4 Comments on “What? Me Menstrual?”

  1. Elaine Says:

    The whole “we’re pregnant” thing has always bugged me. I can state for a fact that my husband never had morning sickness, chronic consitpation or stretch marks (and I’m not even going into the grossest details here). Nope. SHE is pregnant. HE is not. And I do just want to laugh at loud at every HE who claims “we” in pregnancy.

  2. I hate HIPPA. It is universally misunderstood and leads to all kinds of stupid crap that is far beyond the intention of the law…and it basically serves only to create mountains of wasted paper and enormous misunderstanding…JMHO…:-) Gretchen

    I offer you a brick wall. Hammer away. Not too hard, you don’t want to hurt yourself.


  3. byrdlady Says:

    3 months??? GRRR. Those things make me want to slap people.

  4. byrdlady Says:

    PS. love the new look.

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