The Year In Review

January: First of all, Happy New Year everyone!

February: It is such a freaking Monday today.

March: So I applied for the 12 hr night shift ER job.

April: From a Netflix reviewer commenting on a little British drama from the 90’s, in which Christian Bale portrays a young British man:  “Not once does his accent seem contrived.”

May: Veronica is back tonight.

June: I have much to say about the first week on the new job (complete with cast of new & interesting characters,) thoughts on finishing all 5 seasons of Alias, musings on now being nine months post-DTV, and plans for the next 2.5 weeks that I have off*, but those will have to wait until I’m more inspired. 

July: It’s been an interesting few days.  I’ve been working like crazy (and today was absolutely batshit of the highest order.)

August: Things I’ve learned while editing my archives:

September: I was playing with a new program I’ve found, and decided to combine baby pictures of myself and the donor, just to see what I’d get.

October: The line’s darker this a.m. (7 dpo) than yesterday. 

November: Line is much lighter today – so probably still trigger. 

December: Went to parents’ farm.

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