All Cancelled

Now all that’s left is to go through its clothes and look for loose change.

So I called the RE’s office today and cancelled the monitoring appointment with the receptionist.  I told her that the nurse can call me if she wants to, but that I know this is never going to work.  I also rescheduled my IVF consult for a bit later in Dec on a day I don’t have to work.  Why be tired if I don’t have to be?

As for switching to another RE’s office, the only other one that accepts single women is another 30 mins away (so an hour and 45 mins) and has really lousy IVF stats.  Obviously IUI stats aren’t posted on the stat website, so I don’t know about that, but since I’m moving on to IVF anyway, it’s a moot point.  I may in fact go to CCRM, but considering that my RE really has treated me well, is very responsive to my thoughts, and has good stats, I’m considering staying with him for one cycle, anyway.  Two cycles with him would give me the same odds as one cycle at CCRM, for 2/3 the cost.  Plus, no travel, and less time off of work. 

I genuinely like my RE, and I’m not sure at what point I, even in retrospect, would have cancelled this cycle for non-response.  (Yesterday, I guess.)  The near-cancellation last week had more to do with the holiday and less to do with my response, so…

Today I’m putting up the outdoor Christmas lights, and possibly the tree.  Fun times!

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