Mostly Cancelled

I had my third monitoring appt of the cycle yesterday, and had 3-ish 11 mm follicles, and an E2 of 138 (inching upward slowly) on CD11.  Nevermind that most people are triggering on CD11.  They wanted me back on Friday (CD15) as they’re closed on Thurs for the holiday.  Well, of course, I’m working, and would have to be there by 8 a.m., which is impossible, and finding anyone to cover hours on a holiday weekend is impossible.  Same situation applies on Saturday.  And Sunday would be CD 17, and six days since my last monitoring, which is way too long.

So long story short, I’ve poured $1400 down the toilet for nothing, and am cancelling.  Currently debating with myself whether to postpone my IVF consult, but don’t have to decide on that today. 

ETA: RE’s office just called me back, and they want me to try monitoring tomorrow then Sunday, with a probable trigger on Sunday.  That’ll be CD17, which sounds awfully late, buuuut…I guess I’m still in the game this month.  Such nice people at my RE’s office, truly. 

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5 Comments on “Mostly Cancelled”

  1. preconceivednotions Says:

    That so sucks. Nevermind the $1400 bucks. I read these blogs written by women who have taken giant leaps to foster fertility and I am simply in awe.

    You are ALL so articulate and knowlegable about the process.

    Meanwhile I stare at my home made tracking chart that I have posted on frig, still trying to figure out if I am even ovulating… Or did we even get close if I did ??? 😀 Oh well such is life!

    Good Luck in all your efforts. GREAT blog!!!!

    I’m trying the old fashion way.

  2. Asta from Net54 Says:

    Kate, don’t lose hope. Triggering on CD17 is not, in and of itself a bad thing. As long as the follies are around 20mm, your E2 is good and your lining looks good, there’s no reason this couldn’t work.

    I have everything crossed for you and am hoping that this time next year you’ll be giving thanks for your brand new baby. Keep the faith!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Even on injectibles I never triggered before cd16. I don’t think you’re out of the running yet.

  4. hp Says:

    hurrah – good for your RE’s office. I expect you’ll have lots of super cool great big follicles by cd17

  5. Care Says:

    Your body is taking the slow and steady approach this month. Given that I have O’d as late as CD21, triggering on day 17 doesn’t sound that odd to me. I hope the monitoring shows steady growth and that by trigger day all is looking good! Happy Thanksgiving if I don’t catch you online before then.

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