Still Shooting Up

It’s CD9, I’m still doing my follistim (two possible contenders on my u/s on the 15th,) and still as conflicted as ever.  I’ve basically resigned myself to the conflict this cycle, but I’ll be damned if I’ll do IVF in this state.  The next available IVF cycle is in January, so I’ve got all of December to see what happens with the POI issue (and perhaps even push the thing along a bit) and only then have to decide if I want to go for IVF at that point. 

Any tips from the more-romantically-successful-than-I are welcome.  Note that I am the queen of subtle, to the point of non-communication.  The majority of my relationship issues can be blamed on the fact that I secretly want men to be able to read my mind.  And when they can’t (um, duh,) I haven’t a clue how to show interest without feeling like a colossal idiot. 

So, gentle readers, how to show interest in that certain someone (I’m guessing the gender of the interesting party matters very little) without looking like a freakish stalker?  Keeping in mind, of course, that regular future contact with said person is unavoidable, so anything that makes one look like a complete moron is, perhaps, inadvisable.

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4 Comments on “Still Shooting Up”

  1. Wow. I suck at the whole relationship thing and am lucky that Cait has a similar lack of skills and we’re both really patient. Otherwise we’d never have gotten together. I wish I could offer you advice but I don’t think I’d be much help.

    Gook luck with your 97!!!

  2. hp Says:

    …excercise? Like start doing something like running or swimming that he does too and ask if he wants to come out on a run/swim/whatever with you? Seems ever so harmless but then breaches the jump into doing something social together….

  3. Jillian Says:

    Any chance you could use the dating site to justify your compatibility? If you find him on there and it doesn’t work out–you could blame it on the website. But it opens the door to topics along the lines of ‘why not date’?

    From a perpetual single girl… heh.

  4. preconceivednotions Says:

    Well they should be able to read your mind, shouldn’t they?

    My hubby is so oblvious sometimes.

    Like yesterday, I went to the store for a bag of ice. I’ll be right back! Squeaky brakes and all! He waits till I’m struggling with my purchases, the keys, my hoody and an open bottle of soda and then and only then does he come out to help. He was standing at the kitchen window. I’m livid and spilled the soda on the back of my car.

    And then he gets pissy with me. ARGHHHHHH!

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