I forgot to blog about this when I ran across it a week or two ago.  Remember the POI I’ve talked about so much?  Well, turns out the POI and I both are members of the same dating site which shall remain nameless.  Said dating site has a commonalities match that searches your profile and the other available profiles, and comes up with a % match on the people in the demographic you want.  (Men in a certain, relatively broad age bracket within 50 miles of Chez Snarkpot, in my case.)  Basically the thing’s looking for compatibility, what you’re looking for, what you’re like, what the other individuals are looking for, what they’re like, etc.  Absolute best possible is 100%, obviously. 

So I click on this search feature, thinking I’d come up with some interesting contenders to email, and what pops up but the POI’s profile at 97 fucking percent.  97.  There were no 98s or higher.  There were three 97s, then a couple of 93s, then on down from there.  I think there were something like 200 guys listed from around here, and this is what I get at the top of my list.   Argh. 

I’m so screwed. 

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One Comment on “97”

  1. byrdlady Says:

    Well damned if that isn’t a sign! Maybe you should “humorously” drop him a line through the site saying, ‘you know, i always thought we had a lot in common’–but leave it open for him to respond and flirt back.
    Of course, i am no expert, but i’d be flattered if a woman i knew did that to me!

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