Roll Tide

CD1 again.  First monitoring appointment is on Sunday a.m.  Here’s to no cysts! 

I’m feeling reasonably well at the moment, as I worked all night and slept a good 7 hours today, and now am almost awake and ready to go back to work tonight.  Now for a couple of hours of puppy-snuggling and Tivo catch-up.

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7 Comments on “Roll Tide”

  1. frog Says:

    Oh, I should say more. I’m glad you’ve moved onto being hopeful, but I’m just getting the news that you’re not knocked up.

    Stupid fucking universe.

  2. Gretchen Says:

    Kudos to you for being able to feel hopeful instead of despondent. You are a stronger woman than I am.

    Forgive my monumental ignorance about these procedures, but, is there any possibility of being able to try the next cycle with fresh rather than frozen…uh…swimmers? I don’t know that it would make a difference but, logically, it seems like it might…not the reproduction is logical, on any level…

  3. elowyn Says:

    No possibility whatsoever. I use an anonymous donor in another state, whose sperm is quarantined by the sperm bank for 6 months (as per the US tissue bank standards) and not released until the donor remains HIV & hep negative at the end of those six months.

    It’s just far too risky to use a fresh, unknown donor (not to mention almost impossible to find due to disease risk,) and I don’t wish to ask any of the men of my acquaintance to be a known donor, for a variety of reasons.

    Fresh IUI isn’t much more advantageous than frozen, odds-wise, anyway.

  4. dayzofrain Says:

    How did your scan go?

  5. Hannah Says:

    good luck chuck. I’m on cycle 2 of IUI with meds and cd 7 now. How did your scan go?

  6. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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