1) Spotting.  Very weird.  I don’t ever have LP spotting (last recorded was June 2005, not coincidentally my first TTC cycle.)  I never have short LPs, either, even unmedicated – shortest unmedicated LP is 13 days, and I’ve never had AF show up while on progesterone.  The spotting isn’t much, and just started when I woke up a little while ago, so we’ll see where this leads. 

2) Peesticks.  I had nice dark pee this time (thank you wheat thins and sleep!) and had ever-so-slightly darker lines that I could see under indoor lighting more or less if I held my mouth just right.  No sunshine to use, unfortunately.  I haven’t done a digital.  The lines are too faint to show in photographs. 

So there we are.  Another day of reading tea leaves.

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4 Comments on “Spot”

  1. Care Says:

    I vote for implantation spotting. Call me optomistic. 🙂 Hope those squint-to-see-it lines are leading up to some good news!

  2. sistersue23 Says:

    Prayers, crossed fingers, and any other good vibes headed from my house.

  3. Natasha Says:

    Crossing everything for you!!!!

  4. Gretchen Says:

    I vote for implantation spotting, too. 🙂

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