All those tears made my eyes really sore and itchy all night at work, and my contacts kept fogging so much I could hardly see.  Ew.  Fortunately I’m home now and beglassesed and feel much better.  And I’m about to go to bed for part of the day, then get up before it gets too dark and take P for a walk.  Best of all, I don’t have to be back at work for 84 hours!

Peestick update (12 dpo, dilute pee) – faintest of all faint lines on FRER and Target +/-.  I mean “have to look at them in bright sunlight and even then you’re debating it” faint.  I’ll re-pee and re-test when I wake up, assuming more concentrated pee.  Just ate a couple of handfuls of salty Wheat Thins to help with the urine concentration.  The things I do for science.  Heh.

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