Faintest possible line on Accuclear + so-faint-I-think-I’m-hallucinating-it line on FRER.  Didn’t do a digi, as it seems like a waste at the moment.

In other news, sex drive through the roof!  Which is 100% not a normal LP symptom for me.  Any previously-preggos care to chime in here?

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3 Comments on “9 DPO”

  1. Kim Says:

    Hmm… well my first ‘symptom’ that I recall was 4d post transfer so 7dpo… and it was a very erotic dream that I normally do NOT have. Of course with all the hormones I was on who knows… but the dreams continued off and on throughout my pg and haven’t had one since. 🙂

  2. Care Says:

    No clue on the sex drive thing – it isn’t something I would have charted and the old gray matter has lost that particular segment. But…I say it’s a potentially good sign. Looking foward to tomorrows peestick parade!

  3. knittermama Says:

    Increased sex drive is always a BIG clue for me when I am pregnant. That and an even stronger desire to guzzle orange juice.

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