Weight?  Up 6 lbs.  All fluid.  My rings don’t fit, and I feel like a barge.  Thanks for that and the nausea, OHSS! 

Pants?  Still feel like there’s a Planters Peanut factory in there.  (Prometrium uses peanut oil as a base for the progesterone.  Two a day = peanut city in the vadge.)

Symptoms?  Still with the vivid dreams, sore bbs, the usual.  Plus a bonus side of reflux while trying to sleep today.  Very pleasant.

In other news, I just carved my pumpkin for the year, and took pictures of Piper in her bumblebee costume.  All to be posted later tonight or tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.  P still loves to eat bits of pumpkin that fall on the floor, so her Hoover nickname still seems to be accurate.  She’s currently sulking in her bed at the injustice of having been forced to wear a bumblebee costume.  Why she saved the sulking until after I’d taken the thing off, I have no idea. 

Back to work tonight (second night out of three.)  Ooh la la.

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