You know you’re on prometrium when…

You go to lie down for a brief nap at 8:30 pm (fully clothed, contacts in, lights still on in the house) and wake up at 1:45 a.m.  And notice that someone tried to call at 9:15 and you had no freaking idea.

And then you’re faced with a dilemma.  Go back to bed, then get up earlyish (6-7a) for jury duty, or just stay up and nap tomorrow before work.  Hmmmm…

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2 Comments on “Zzzzzzzzz…”

  1. babybound Says:

    I say go back to bed. Even though you couldn’t possibly read this post without having made a decision already and therefore this advice is comin at you far too late.

    But yeah…bed it is….

  2. Care Says:

    Jury duty? Ugh! I vote for bed too, although I’m far too late for my vote to count too.

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