My ovaries are killing me.  They feel like they’re roughly the size of grapefruit, and hurt every time I take a step.  I’ve gained four pounds in the last few days.  I’m drinking like a fish (and no, it’s not alcohol) and feel incredibly bloated.  And nauseated.  And peeing every other minute.  Ugh.  I think it’s a little mild OHSS.  For the record, this started at 2 dpo, and has worsened until today, 4 dpo.  We’ll see what the next week holds.

Time for another prometrium, my vitamins, and another glass of liquid.  I hope I can remember which two go in the mouth and which one goes in the vag.  Heh.

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2 Comments on “Pomelos”

  1. Care Says:

    I just hope it is OHSS (and one or two embies trying to snuggle in) and not those triplets making their presence known. 🙂 Does not sound like fun, and I just hope that despite the timing (hey – no one knows for sure how long the egg lives – 12 hours seems reasonable) that this cycle is a success!

  2. babybound Says:

    Yeah THAT’S not a mistake you’d ever make twice!

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