Bud Light at Dawn

One of the best things about working night shift is going out drinking with one’s buddies at 7 a.m. and not feeling the slightest bit guilty.  I didn’t even work last night, so I got up at 6:30, met the girls for a beer, then went to the grocery store.  Now it’s 10 a.m., and everything from the store is put away, and I have my whole day ahead of me.  I’m going to mow and reseed the lawn, make chili, bake some banana bread to take to work tonight, take a nap and go to acupuncture at 5 p.m.  It’s my last visit in the pre-paid package, and I think I’m quitting after this one.  I’m planning a TTC break, so it doesn’t make sense to devote the money to acu when I’m not even doing anything.

IUI was yesterday with 7 million total motile.  Still subpar.  I felt ovulation between 10p and 4a (after a trigger at 2:30a the previous day) and IUI wasn’t until 11:45a, so I’m guessing that that alone rules out a pregnancy.  Not that broken up about it, really.  I’m learning that pessimism works well for me in the long run. 

I’m still planning to take a couple of months off for a sanity break/the holidays/to put more energy into the POI issue, then will revisit the thought of IVF in Jan/Feb, if not later.  I need to save up cash for it, and I don’t want a Dec/Jan baby, so it may be May before I get around to doing it.  That should give me ample time to get over my ambivalence and to really settle the POI issue.  And hell, maybe I’ll do a little more internet dating just for grins. 

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2 Comments on “Bud Light at Dawn”

  1. Gretchen Says:

    And here I thought that the POI had been dismissed some months ago (maybe weeks?) as a non-POI…but, the heart is fickle, isn’t it? You can tell youself, logically, such-snd-such is NOT interesting to me because of XYZ reason…but, in the end, I don’t think love is logical…

    I don’t know that the timing you described rules out pregnancy, though. (However, except for the conception of Gabe in May of 2000, I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to figure out how NOT to get pregnant, as opposed to vice versa, so, I’m not the best judge. If you were trying NOT to get pregnant, I certainly would have advised you not to become intimately friendly with 7 million sperm at 11:45 am yesterday). 😛


  2. byrdlady Says:

    You just never know, so my fingers are still crossed. Pessimism is something i think we all get the hang of after too long in the TTC realm!
    Glad you enjoyed your morning brew, and hope you have a great weekend.

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