Evil Dogs, Hemorrhaging and the DildoCam

All systems are go for injects cycle #2.

I do so enjoy driving 140 miles round trip for a 20 minute appointment, and I enjoy it even more when it means that a) I haven’t slept since the last time it was daylight out and b) that I won’t get to sleep but a few hours before going into work.  Fun fun fun!  To add, I came home around 1 and went to bed, and the evil dog-spawn insisted on waking me up to go outside every 2 hours.  Not out of need to pee, mind, but she was bored.  Argh. 

Oh, and remind me sometime to rant about the joys of these post-prometrium periods, combined with some really sick patients at work, and (TMI following) the lovely feeling that one’s, ahem, feminine protection may be failing one while one is arguing with the cardiologist about said really sick patient, and people keep bugging you, and needing things, and having blood pressures of nothing over crap, and trying to die, and couldn’t everything just hold on a goddamn minute so I can go to the bathroom?   

In RE news, lining’s nice and thin, lots of antral follicles (30ish), no cysts, FSH is 3.39 (down from last month’s, which is good) and E2’s 67.  All of these things are a good place to start. 

I start follistim again tonight. I’m having a mental conflict about doses – 50 didn’t do much last mo, and RE wants me to go with that again. OTOH, I could easily do 75 and be well within “normal” dosage ranges and maybe get an extra follicle or two. On yet another hand, if I do 75 and then in a few months do IVF, his data will be off (thinking I was doing 50 when I was really doing 75) and might mess up my doses for that. Ai yi yi…

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4 Comments on “Evil Dogs, Hemorrhaging and the DildoCam”

  1. babybound Says:

    Ahh yes….the lovely feeling of failure in your trusted friend tampax. Its so disappointing. Cycles really to test this friend to its limits.

    I can’t make decisions for you about your drugs of course, but I CAN say that I did a few cycles with the same level of drugs and got wildly different results each time. One, got a lot, next, nothing, next a LOT….get my drift? If they are monitoring you throughout, they can up it if you’re not making anything. That’s all I’m sayin….

  2. amanda Says:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave…
    It sounds like you have been all over the map (literally!)–unfortunately my RE is also ~120 miles from me, and the driving back and forth definitely sucks. Luckily i can get wanded here in town, but for everything else i gotta drive.
    Just out of curiosity, what’s the story with post-prometrium periods? That’s the same thing as Provera, right? i just took my last pill today…

  3. katarinajellybeana Says:

    OOoh. I am familiar with said periods. Ugly.

    Never been on follistim, so I can’t say what my suggestion would be.

    As for the car ride? Book on CD. Only way to go. The Davinci code read aloud is painfully funny.

  4. Katrina Says:

    So what dosage did you decide to do? Sorry to hear that you have nasty post-prometrium periods, mine were usually decent and normal, but I did have a couple that were yu-uh-cky.

    Sending lots of grow vibes to your ovaries! 🙂

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