Receptionist Sourpuss at the RE’s thinks “the schedule is just too full” this a.m.  (For my 10 minute appointment that doesn’t require the RE.)  So I have to go in tomorrow after work.  Sleep?  What’s that?  Why would you need to sleep, you lazy heifer?

Perhaps I could suggest everyone come in so I could have an appointment at 3 a.m.?  Or perhaps I should have been psychic, and therefore known that AF would show 1 hour before their magical 4 p.m. cutoff point, and called earlier yesterday?  Next time I’m calling in with a best guess and cancelling if needed.  This is ridiculous. 

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2 Comments on “Bah”

  1. hp Says:

    (just to let you know – cd1 here too – and NO BOOZE in the house – well – not unless you count sherry – which I’ve just tried a glass of – and its rank – need to go to the shops to buy wine!)

  2. babybound Says:

    that is so lame. they can’t fit you in????!?!? what the hell is that all about?!?!?! aren’t you paying them a years salary in a Malaysian sweatshop to go through this cycle? Geeeez!!!

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