Another CD1 here at Casa Snark.  And damn is it a crampy one.  I’d forgotten how rough these post-prometrium menses are.  Damn.

So Starbuck is lobbying for triplets this cycle, which she claims will be boys.  She’s named them the Three Kings (primarily because my baby name choices tend toward the British monarchy.)  I keep telling her to bite her tongue.  Twins are starting to sound ok to good, but trips?  No thanks.

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6 Comments on “Reboot”

  1. Dianna Says:

    Triplet boys would be perfect… Phoebe would have her choice of three handsome younger men as potential prom dates.

  2. Care Says:

    No way! Must have at least one girl for C. The other two can be boys. Don’t want C to get stuck with you-know-who, ya know!

  3. elowyn Says:

    LOL you two. OK, how ’bout two girls (E needs someone too – so what if she’s a smidge younger?) and a boy for Phoebe? And heaven knows I wouldn’t want C to get stuck with you-know-who… Hee.

  4. Gretchen Says:

    Triplets?? [shudders violently]

    Twins would be nice, though.


  5. Amanda Says:

    i hear ya! i’m beginning to be ok with the idea of twins, but triplets?? Yikes!

  6. babybound Says:

    NO TRIPS!! You tell little ole Starbuck that if she wants trips she can make them herself…then watch HER boobs sink completely to the floor while they all suck her dry. I’m somehow excited for your for your next cycle. I’ll wish for twins and banish the trips.

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