A Recluse With Plans

I think I’m becoming a hermit.  Seriously.  I haven’t been out today, and while there are a few things I’d like to go pick up (new house numbers at Lowe’s, a scarecrow at Hobby Lobby, some junk food at the groceria) I’m really pretty content to stay in with Ms P and fiddle around.  In fact, I think if I didn’t have to go to work, I’d be content to fart around the house for weeks on end. 

I’m also making plans for what to do next.  This cycle (spot has arrived, so the witch isn’t far behind him) I’m doing IUI with injects again.  I’m considering a self-prescribed small dosage increase (from 50IU to 75) as I think the RE’s over-conservative.  Naughty girl am I. 

I have three vials left with the RE, and am going to use one on this cycle, and failing that do one last injects cycle in November, and use up the last two vials (either in one big IUI – they’re ICI swimmers so could just get double the count when they reconstitute them after the wash – or in 24 and 48 hour timed IUIs.) 

Then it’s on to CCRM.  I’m planning on a phone consult in November, visit for my workup in December, and hoping to cycle in January.  Gawd.  Denver in January.  I must be nuts.  I must also think I’m made of money, and really need to ponder the financing.  Am thinking about a home equity line of credit.  Anyone else with good tips for IVF financing?

Anyway, that’s the plan.  And now, an evening of boozing it up while watching random Tivoed things.  And possibly cross-stitching, depending on my level of intoxication.  Wahoo!

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