Premiere Week, Part II

Reaper?  Enjoyable, in a vaguely unnerving, poking fun at the devil sort of way.  Staying on the season pass for now.  B.

Journeyman?  Interesting premise, in that dude has no idea WTF he’s supposed to be doing, and has no one to ask (unlike Early Edition & Quantum Leap, those being the major comparisons in my mind.)  This could easily get cliched, though, so I’ll have to see future episodes for a real sense of whether the series is going to work or not.  B+. 

Oh, and Chuck gets a C+. 

Taping tonight: Bionic Woman, Criminal Minds (I miss you already, Gideon!), CSI:NY, Private Practice.  Good thing I have the weekend off to catch up on all this!

Off to bake a cake for Starbuck’s birthday today.  The big 3-0.  We’re going out to dinner later, but I need to go find number-shaped candles per her request this afternoon.  Specifically, I need candles that match the uber-cool (to her) surprise birthday cake decorations that I’ve purchased.  So…better run.

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