Premiere Week, Part I

I’m still slogging through season 1 of Heroes, so nothing to say on that.  I should have it finished tonight or tomorrow, though, and be able to watch the premiere sometime this week.  Big thanks to those who are attempting to keep their blogs spoiler-free.

The only premiere I’ve seen so far is Chuck, to which I give a rousing “meh.”  I like the premise, but the title character is a doofus, and I really don’t find doofuses to be particularly charming/interesting/whatever.  I’ll give it one or two more eps to redeem itself, then delete the season pass.  All Chuck made me do is yearn for Michael Weston/Michael Vaughn, and that’s really not the idea, is it?

Currently on the Tivo or being recorded tonight:  Journeyman, Heroes (see above,) CSI Miami (almost guaranteed to be underwhelming, but I’m faithful in my love of Emily Procter,) Reaper (sounds interesting,) Bones, House (not caught up there yet either, so this will sit for a couple of weeks minimum,) and SVU. 

And now I’m getting off my lazy bum and going out to work in the yard.  I’ll return with the story of Piper and the possum from last night.  (Spoiler:  Piper’s fine.)

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