Swim Meet

Well, the somewhat smaller than hoped swim team is on board (only 5 million total motile – must google whether that’s as bad as I think it is – goal is 10M) after only a little fishing around with the speculum.  Apparently my cervix decided to play hard to get today, naughty minx.

I’ve been testing out the trigger, and have two lovely + HPTs sitting on the desk here.   I plan to repeat the tests each day, and will post a collage of the several days’ worth once I get a BFN, probably somewhere around 6-7 dpo.

Strongly considering doing NaNoWriMo again, although I’m not sure what genre I’m going for this year.  Mystery was a little hard, but it’s still my favorite.

Off to finish my murder mystery I’m reading and check on the chicken I’m roasting for chicken & noodles tonight.  Yummy.  Tomorrow the Great Backyard Reconstruction of 2007 begins.  Details & photos to follow.

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2 Comments on “Swim Meet”

  1. Gretchen Says:

    I’m crossing my fingers that one of the 5 million swimmers hit the mark, so to speak.

    What’s BFN?

  2. babybound Says:

    Can’t wait to see pictures of 07’s event of the year!!

    O and you may think I’m talking about the yard…no no. I’m talking about the animated reconstruction of the development of a double pink line! Good luck!

    And yeah…the yard too….

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