Take This Wand and Shove It

I’m writing this after being awakened by one small black dog who shall remain nameless, after only three hours of sleep.  I’m going to go back to bed in a minute, and have to be at work in three hours.  Tired.

Wand update:

CD9 monitoring:  R: 14 mm, 12.3 mm, many smaller.  Note the *huge* progress from last visit.  Usual rate of growth?  1-2mm/day.  My rate of growth?  0.2ish mm/day.  Normal, I’m sure.  (Rolls eyes violently.)  L: many smaller, nothing measured.  E2 = 105.  Continue 50 IU of Follistim & squelch desire to shake RE violently about head & shoulders.  This is progress to him?  Hello?  Odds of overstimulation at this point, from, say, 75 IU?  Similar to my odds of winning the lottery while voting for Hillary.  But hey, let’s stay on the 50 IU which is doing nothing for another three days.  What the hell. 

I know I’m just tired and crabby and not loving the nurse I’ve had for my last two RE visits (must come up with creative name describing her general dull/patronizing aura when I’m more awake,) and crabby that they had to stick me twice (couldn’t find one of my really nice-sized antecubitals – one that I’ve had coworkers say they could hit blindfolded from outer space – when ER nurses & paramedics get bored they ogle other people’s veins,) and mostly crabby that this cycle’s really not going well by my lights. 

Every injects cycle I see is completely different from this one (more/larger follies, higher/rising E2s, etc,) and my RE’s apparent goal is ONE g-d follicle.  One.  How exactly does one follicle raise my odds at all?  I mean, other than the timing issue, I make one follicle every month for fucking FREE.  As opposed to $340 per monitoring visit and however much per injection and gas and tolls and missed sleep.  And of course I’m just seeing Nurse Evasive (hmm…maybe…kinda like that) at my visits, who just hedges about my questions and doesn’t answer them.  Fuck.  It.  All.

I’m going back to bed. 

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5 Comments on “Take This Wand and Shove It”

  1. Tasha Says:

    Amen sister to your last three words.

    My sentiments exactly with just about everything out there.

  2. Care Says:

    Well that just sucks. Dr. Hottie is rapidly losing his appeal – may need to find a new name for him. Hope the next wanding shows much better progress.

  3. babybound Says:

    Sounds like one craptacular day to me. I can’t exactly tell you it will “all be ok” cause well…who am I? God? Jesus that’s a lot to ask of me.

    Let’s just settle for “tomorrow wont hurt”…

  4. Gretchen Says:

    Well…um…much of your post is a little like trying to read Greek to me, having no experience in this particular area. But, I get that your upset and the news isn’t good, so, I’m sorry. And I hope you get some more sleep. And that you have pleasant dreams of scantily clad Michael Vartan…that’s the kind of thing that can cheer a girl up.



  5. kittenroar5 Says:

    I through in an extra 400 bucks of meds this month to get the same damn two I had last month. Fuck X 2. Hope it improves.

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