The Wand Report

CD7 Follie report:

R – 2 follies at 13.7 and 11.7 mm.  Lots of unmeasured little ones in the 4-8 mm range.

L – no dominant follies, but a whole lot of unmeasured little ones.  Makes me sad I’m not doing IVF, really.

Lining is trilaminar (already – good ol’ ute, she knows how to do her job) and 7.5 mm.  Right on target.

E2 is pending.

I go back on the 19th for a recheck, unless my E2 is horribly wacky. 

ETA: E2 = 85.  Lower than I’d hoped (was shooting for 100-140.)  Will withhold judgment until my next check, although that doesn’t mean I won’t flail around googling to see what dire outcome this is foretelling. 

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2 Comments on “The Wand Report”

  1. kittenroar5 Says:

    I was wanded today myself with almost the exact report, so I thought I’d quit lurking and say hi. I adore your blog title. Good luck.

  2. Care Says:

    Well, I know nothing about the E2, but hopefully that number will be right where you need it to be today at your recheck. Hope those two bigger follies are growing well.

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