Random Brain Dump

Things on my mind tonight:

I started some zithromax and prednisone tonight for the laryngitis/sinus infection crap I’ve got.  The acu did some moxa to open up my head, too, so hopefully the combo will help.

Looking for organic yogurt, as I like to make yogurt-juice smoothies, but don’t want all the hormones/etc while ttc (and, eventually, one hopes, pg.)  I think our local health food store carries it.

Worried that AF is way too light this time, and I’m going to get this cycle cancelled.  Seriously.  Weirdness.  Of course, I was only on prometrium for five days to reboot, so maybe it just wasn’t long enough.

Amused by a bit of “discussion” occurring between my colleagues on our group email, about a controversial topic.  The different personalities in our group are hysterical, and makes any decision-making generally like herding cats.

Injects “class” yesterday was easy.  Just a nurse and I, playing with the follistim pen & going over my instructions.  No worries there.

Obsessing about being able to make my monitoring appointments.  (Would love advice from the Internets on this one.)  I work until 10 a.m. on the days that I work.  RE does monitoring from 8-9ish, and I live/work ~1.25-1.5 hours from the RE.  It’s a tough time of day to get coverage, but am hoping I can duck out early and/or have a colleague cover me.  Bleh.  Alternatively, I may be able to sweet-talk the RE into letting me come a tad later, but I’m not optimistic.  The first two monitoring appointments (tomorrow and CD7) are covered because I happen to be off, but after that… 

Going to go lie back down and watch Heroes.  Just finished disc 1 of SPN S2.  The Jensen lurve continues.  Sigh.  Haven’t found anyone on Heroes that I’m in lust with yet, though.  Suggestions?  (I’m up to disc 4 now.)

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3 Comments on “Random Brain Dump”

  1. Care Says:

    Hope the drugs do the job, and you are feeling better (and get your voice back!) soon. No clue on the light AF – maybe it’s just that your lining never built up much in the first place, wonky hormones and such. Hopefully it won’t affect this cycle. Hope you can finagle a way to make those monitoring appts. It’s too bad they don’t sound too flexible about squeezing in your monitoring in the afternoon so you could avoid these conflicts.

  2. Jillian Says:

    I’m not a big fan of Heroes. I liked Nathan’s character (most intriguing imo) and alternately want to smother (good) or smother (not so good) Peter.

    I was going to give up on the show all together except for their (sexy) stunt casting set for season 2. I guess I’ll have to watch it with one eye while doing something else. *sigh*

  3. Joules/Jen Says:

    As for organic yogurt (yes, this post is probably too late and you’ve probably already purchased some — but, perhaps for future reference). Stonyfield Farms makes fantastic organic yogurt and, here in NJ, it can be found in most mainstream grocery stores. Apparently, Stonyfiel is also one of the best as far as all the live & active cultures that it contains. I’m a weekly purchaser of large Stonyfield containers, as both me and my dog eat it almost daily — definite two-thumbs-up review from both of us!

    Also…curious since your television show preferences frequently overlap with mine…have you watched either ‘Dexter’ or ‘Eureka’? I’ve heard great things about them both, but have yet to Netflix either one.

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