Cake and Needles

I made two more bodacious chocolate cakes today to take to work.  I was originally only going to make one, but realized day shift would eat it all during the first hour of my shift, and there’d be none for night shift, who would then be pissy at me for the last 8 hours of my shift.  So I made two.  They smell yummy. 

Cake #1 was enjoyed, in part, last night, and I can declare the frosting experiment an unequivocal success.  Starbuck and I went out to Outback for dinner last night, in honor of my almost-birthday, and I opened my present (really cool blue & white mosaic stepping stone/wall hangings) and then came home and ate cake.  It was very nice.

How does 28 feel?  Exactly the same as 27.  I do enjoy a birthday as a re-boot of sorts, kind of like New Year’s, or the start of a new semester at school, or whatever.  Let’s hope that 28 is the year of the baby, shall we? 

In that vein, I started acupuncture today, with a very pleasant female acupuncturist whose office is only a few blocks away.  She’s cheerful, and optimistic, and generally made me feel very comfortable, and only a few of the needles hurt a little.  I’m in for a ten-session series, once a week at first, so we’ll see how things go.  She’s not a fertility specialist, but has several other IF patients, and frankly I’m pretty sure the nearest fertility acu is somewhere near Dr. Metrosexual’s office, which is 60 miles away.  Too far for weekly treatments in addition to RE visits and whatever else, like, y’know, work. 

 So that’s that, and I’m off to work this evening, armed with two sheet cakes for ~30 people.  My guess is I’ll come home with crumbs, if that. 

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3 Comments on “Cake and Needles”

  1. Calliope Says:


  2. deanna Says:

    Sending Birthday Wishes!!!

  3. sistersue23 Says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m glad to hear you’re all about celebrating your birthday (no matter the number.)
    Hoping it IS the year of a baby.

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