So I’m on the last disc of season 2, and all I have to say is OMFG.

Must…watch…remaining…episodes… But I’ve got to go give blood at 1:30, so no more TV until I get home from that.  The real question after I finish the disc is whether I’ll wait until December to Netflix S3, or if I’ll download it from iTunes.  On the other hand, I’m thiiiis close to finishing Supernatural S1, and have S2 coming from Netflix.  With that, and Heroes, and House, and new fall TV to distract me I suppose I can hold out until December.

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2 Comments on “Lost”

  1. Jillian Says:

    I would definitely encourage watching Season 3 of LOST in time to finish it before Season 4 comes out in February! Then we can theorize together!! Okay… that was selfish much. 🙂

  2. byrdlady Says:

    i LOVE netflix! Nothing like instant gratification!

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