Voice Twins and Folate

1) On Burn Notice last week (which I just watched off of Tivo last night) – did anyone notice Richard Schiff’s voice on the phone at the end?  Or was that his voice twin?  (Possible, being as Jeffrey Donovan is Rosenbaum’s voice twin.)

2) On CSI, can I just say that it bugs the ever-living TAR out of me when:  They draw some woman’s blood, and conclude from the *folic acid* level that she’s pregnant.  Huh?  Sure, preggos are supposed to supplement their folic acid intake, not that most of the general populace (i.e. non-obsessed ttc-ers) does.  But honestly, has anyone ever heard of drawing an HCG?  You can do that easily, as I do on every girl/woman of childbearing age at work.  Is it that hard?  Do they think people will be confused?  WTF?  (This little recollection brought on by the fact that I started my supplements this week.  Healthy am I.  🙂 )

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2 Comments on “Voice Twins and Folate”

  1. Jillian Says:

    Richard Schiff?

    Where is IMDB when I need it… I’m still loving BN though. 🙂 I am entertained.

  2. elowyn Says:

    Toby from West Wing. 🙂 BN is really working for me, too…

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