Online Shopping

Dude.  I just bought sperm on the internet.  Welcome to the 21st century.

The man in a can arrives at the RE’s on the 29th.  Just in time for my birthday on the 31st.  Happy birthday to me, indeed. 

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9 Comments on “Online Shopping”

  1. dayzofrain Says:


    Thats crazy but congrats! I hope your man in a can is able to do his job.

    Do you get a refund if it doesn’t work?

  2. elowyn Says:

    Hahaha. Refund. That’s a good one! lol. No, the bank doesn’t do refunds, unless the sperm are found to be an inferior sample by the RE when they look at them under the scope (less than 20 million total motile.) Any getting pregnant or not is entirely my luck, and they don’t take any responsibility for it.

  3. Dianna Says:

    I’m supportive. I’m oh-so-supportive. In fact, I’ll even buy lunch next time to celebrate this new and exciting venture! But please forgive me when I start rolling on the floor laughing because I HAD NO IDEA it was even possible to buy sperm on the internet. God love technology.

    Seriously, OH MY GOD *lol*

  4. Jillian Says:


    OMG. ah–I don’t know if my laugh is scary or amused or scary amused? Internet?

    Oh the surprises. 🙂 Good luck?!

  5. Natasha Says:

    “Man in the can” That is hilarious! GOOD LUCK!!! I am reading avidly and crossing everything for you!

  6. frog Says:

    The man in the can. I LOVE that.

  7. deanna Says:

    Very excited and hopeful for you! (and, jealous as hell….what I wouldn’t do for a little man-in-the-can action myself………)

  8. byrdlady Says:

    Yay! How exciting!! Congrats…
    (and happy early birthday)

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