IVF vs IUI/Injects

So I’m thinking again.  Always dangerous.

The thought this weekend?  Multiples.  And the prevention thereof.  I love babies as much as the next person, but I strongly prefer them one at a time.  The idea of twins scares me to death.  Triplets?  I’d have to run off and join the circus.  Seriously.  And quads & up?  Just kill me.  It’s partly the natural “there’s only one of me, and more than one of them, and I have a job, and aaaaack!”  It’s partly the experience of helping to raise my aunt’s twins from 18 months to 5.5 years.  (And they’re lovely girls, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything, but the idea of infant/toddler twins?  Still scary.)  And I would have a real moral dilemma about selective reduction.  I’m just not sure I could do it.  So if I were knocked up with triplets, I’d have a serious problem on my hands.  Even twins could be a big problem, what with my job and all, but not the problem that trips would be. 

So I’ve been thinking, with the incidence of higher-order multiples as high as it is with injectables, and basically able to be prevented with IVF, does it make sense to just skip to IVF?  Add in the fact that the odds of success, generally, with IUI/injects are 15-20%.  IVF, at my clinic, for my age group is ~50%.  Cost for an IUI cycle will be, I’m estimating, around $3K (with meds & sperm & monitoring & all.)  For IVF?  I don’t know specifics at my clinic, but I’m guessing $10-12K.  Doing one injects cycle as a trial of the meds might be reasonable, as well. 

Thoughts?  I’m planning to discuss this with Dr. Metrosexual at my appointment in a couple of weeks, but would love the IVP’s opinion.    

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4 Comments on “IVF vs IUI/Injects”

  1. nycphoenix Says:

    If you’re wondering about your possible response to meds you could ask for a clomid challenge test and/or an MIS blood screening. They’re both used to check ovarian function and to extrapolate possible response to an IVF protocol. My MIS came after failed IVF #2 and only cost 75$. I didn’t take it before because I was not under suspicion of Diminished Ovarian Reserve (under 35, normal ovulation and hormones)until my craptasic results in angonist and antagonist IVF cycles with ICSI and AH. Did you ever do Clomid cycles? I don’t remember. What were the dosages and response?

  2. elowyn Says:

    I did Clomid 100 mg, with really immature follies on u/s (at cd 11 & 14.) Largest one was 11 or 12 mm, and then I had lots of little ones. That happened twice before I called it a day. Could I really have DOR at 27? I suppose I could. Haven’t had my FSH or anything checked.

  3. nycphoenix Says:

    I certainly hope not. Even my RE was a little flabbergasted when he mentioned DOR. Other than lousy response there were no other indicators until the MIS test came in. He even did genetic testing to find a why: ATAs, Fragile X, and karotyping. All normal. Basically it was the MIS and the poor IVFs that qualified me for DOR. Overall REs will do any and all of the following before an IVF or injectables cycle:

    HSG or SHG
    Day 3 FSH, E2 bloodwork
    Post ovulation bloodwork for progesterone.
    Clomid challenge test

    The MIS and genetic stuff is extra and you would either have to ask for it or have a craptastic IVF to get them done.

  4. amanda Says:

    i totally feel you on the multiples fear. i can’t thing of anything worse! But that’s just me, and a lot of people thing it’s terrible for me to say that.
    Here’s hoping you have ONE beautiful healthy baby headed your way.

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