Hungry Armadillos

I dreamt last night that armadillos were chewing through my phone lines, and that the only way to deal with them was to wrap them up in plastic garbage bags and put them outside, but I wasn’t allowed to kill them (and actually had to prevent them from dying due to suffocation/heat/sun exposure.) 

The armadillos looked like little armadillo-sized elephants, although in the dream they seemed to be normal armadillos.  In retrospect, they looked like cinnamon-colored elephants the size of a small dog.  Weird, I tell you. 

I blame too much time spent at the House of God* this weekend with too little sleep.  (Worked 16 hours out of the last 24, with 3.5 hours sleep.  Yawn.)

*The House of God.  Remember rule #8.  They can always hurt you more.

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