The Austen Cure

Since I was too full of vitriol to do much else productive, I’ve spent the last two hours knitting a sock and watching Sense and Sensibility.  How much do I love Netflix’s streaming video option?  A great big lot. 

Clearly my tastes have, shall we say, matured in the twelve years since this movie came out, because I’m really swooning over Colonel Brandon over here.  Le sigh.  And did anyone but me forget that Hugh Laurie’s in it, too?   

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One Comment on “The Austen Cure”

  1. knittermama Says:

    I love this movie(and the book even more)! I actually watched it a couple of weeks ago while knitting. 🙂

    I have always loved Colonel Brandon. I had forgotten that Alan Rickman played him. *sigh*

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