Holocene Epoch

re·cent (sənt) pronunciation

  1. Of, belonging to, or occurring at a time immediately before the present.
  2. Modern; new.
  3. Recent Geology. Of, belonging to, or denoting the Holocene Epoch.

My agency just posted an update (with zero new/relevant information in it, but that’s not the point of this rant.)  The update made mention of “recent referrals.”  The last referral made by this agency was in March, as far as any of us know.  The last referral on our usergroup (the one right before that) was in January.  In a program in existence for ~18 months, in what possible definition of the word is five to seven months “recent”?  I posted a nicely-worded question regarding same on the usergroup.  We’ll see what develops. 

Cripes.  Maybe she was speaking in geological terms.

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3 Comments on “Holocene Epoch”

  1. Nicki Says:

    so what’s the real deal? Why are they getting no referrals at all?

  2. elowyn Says:

    Hard to say. I tried to email you a bit ago (like a few weeks, I think.) Email me again & we’ll dish.

  3. Care Says:

    Recent, eh? Maybe it was a typo, should have said decent. No, how about resent? Nope, that won’t work either….repent? Okay, never mind, they just stretched the truth. No getting around that.

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