Almost Fall

OK, well, not almost.  But fall is coming, despite today’s 95-degree temps with 95% humidity.  Blargh.  I’m sooooo done with summer.  Every year in early August I’ve just about had enough, and this year is no exception.  Starbuck* and I  went shopping today, and the stores are already starting to fill with pumpkins, leaves and Halloween items.  I’m more than ready.  Can we just skip the next few weeks?  Of course, if August goes as quickly as July has, I guess it will be September in no time.

Since fall is, eventually, coming, I’m going to work on my Tivo list for this fall.  Italics are new-to-me shows that I’ve been catching up on this summer, and will continue to catch up on once their most recent seasons come out on DVD.  Sadly missing from the list is Veronica Mars.  Sniff.  I’m excited about/interested in some of the new shows premiering this fall (in bold,) but will hold out judgment until I’ve seen a few eps of each.  All times are Central, because that’s where I live.  😉  

These are just the fall premieres.  Obviously I’m excited about Lost coming back in January, and then there’s my little dalliance with a certain show involving singers and people voting that shall remain nameless.  Ahem.  But that’s not until January.

*Starbuck is now my appellation for H, my BFF since forever, and frequent partner in snarkiness, shopping, ogling hot men and/or home improvement.  The process of re-anonymous-ing the blog made me want to make her a little more anonymous too.  She’s “H” in the archives, but I’m not much for using single initials.  Too confusing when you say things like “H & I went to CVS with P & Q and guess who we met?  F & R!  Can you believe that F & P used to work together at QPI in OKC and Q had no idea…blah blah blah.”  People need names of some sort, imho.

The TV schedule’s behind the cut. 


8:00 Heroes (NBC) 9/24

9:00 CSI:Miami (CBS) 9/24


8:00 House (Fox) 9/25


7:00 Pushing Daisies (ABC) 10/3 

8:00 Private Practice (ABC) 9/26, Criminal Minds (CBS) 9/26, Bionic Woman (NBC) 9/26

9:00 CSI:NY (CBS) 9/26


7:00 Smallville (CW) 9/27

8:00 Supernatural (CW) 10/4, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) 9/27, CSI (CBS) 9/27

9:00 Big Shots (ABC) 9/27


8:00 Moonlight (CBS) 9/28

9:00 Numb3rs (CBS) 9/28


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One Comment on “Almost Fall”

  1. Nicki Says:

    It is so funny how august rolls around and suddenly it feels like it’s “practically fall”! Love it! I loooooove Fall! Summer tv is making me ill. By the way, LOVE your blog 🙂

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