Today’s Little Insights

Things I’ve learned while editing my archives:

I talk about booze, most often Jack Daniels, far more often than one would think considering the amount that I actually consume.  Seriously.  I go through *maybe* a fifth every eight to ten months.  Heh.

I used to post pictures of Piper all the time.  I should start doing that again.  She’s still cute.  And has a recent, really good haircut.  Done by a local woman that Piper actually likes.  Score!

Man, I used to be happy & optimistic about ttc & adopting.  Ah well.   It was fun while it lasted. 

I’m going to be getting some interesting google hits now that I’ve opened it up to search engines.  What with my talk about booze and breasts and penises and sperm and shooting oneself up full of (ovulation-inducing) drugs.  Hee.  Of course, it’s tempting to say “naughty” words just to watch the search engines twitch.  Cocaine!  Sex!  Botulism!  (Okay, maybe not the last one.)

Off to watch Supernatural with P.  Ah, the eye-candy.  😉

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2 Comments on “Today’s Little Insights”

  1. Care Says:

    Yes, a current Piper pic would be good. And sustained optomism is pretty darn hard to maintain. So long as you keep the side of snarky, you’ll be okay. Should be interesting to see what brings people to your blog. One time I had a blog hit for a google search on “Britney Spears Underwear.” WTF?

  2. Jillian Says:

    Yay, eye candy!

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