Corruption RAWKS!!

Quick.  Someone find me a post, brick wall, or other large, immovable object against which to beat my head.  The sheer frustration is incredible.  

Young baby + short wait for referral + oh well, extra fees does not = YAY!  WOoOO HoOOo!!!1! ReFeRrAl!!!!eleventyone!!  It means corruption.  It means someone most likely either is paying people off right & left or bought that baby or some combination of the above.  

How in the fucking fuck do you SLEEP at night, knowing that?  Denial?  It’s not ignorance – you’ve been warned a couple of times.  I hope you’re ready to answer her questions in fifteen years (or less) when she asks them.  I’m tempted to say that I hope you get what’s coming to you in the form of multiple G&R delays, paperwork problems, likely difficulty with and/or having to lie to USCIS – but I don’t want to seem mean-spirited.  (ha)  So I’ll just express an opinion that you reap what you sow.  

As much as I’ve railed against my current agency*, and as much as they err on the side of too tight of adherence to every letter of the law, there is definitely such a thing as too little adherence, and your agency is the epitome of it.  For shame, for shame.      

*Just had an email from them yesterday – more lies.  I’m working on fact-checking, and will have a post on that upcoming.

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