Random TMI Post

Y’know, I’m glad I’m ovulating and all (and at the risk of TMI, holy EWCM Batman) but this ramped-up sex drive with no outlet is driving me just a little crazy.  Geez.  At least it’s only a few days a month.  Makes me feel the slightest little bit sorry for men.  Almost.  

In better news, I have the all-clear from my gyn NP to go forward with TTC this fall if I decide to.  All of my labs (including cholesterol) are stunningly normal.  Wahoo!  

And now, off to get ready for work.  Stamping out disease and pestilence, and all that.  Please, God, let me work with one of the docs that doesn’t make me homicidal this evening.  I’ve been a good girl all year. week. day. for the past thirty minutes.

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