Breathing Space

It’s been a good week.  I’ve watched an obscene amount of television*, eaten an unhealthy amount of Rocky Road ice cream, and have generally accomplished relatively little.  (Yes, I’ve worked on the yard, and cleaned house, and run errands, and all that.  But for Type A, must-accomplish-something-every-waking-nanosecond me, I’ve been a slug.)  It’s been a fantastic break for my brain, and really a wonderful vacation from life after the overly dramatic month of May.  (We’ll lump late April in there, as well.)   In the midst of all this hard work (heh) I did manage to schedule my well-woman (love that name, don’tcha?) for next week, and to screen a call (and delete the subsequent voicemail) from the agency wanting to “check in on me.”  They do that from time to time, it doesn’t mean anything interesting about me or my case, but I have nothing whatsoever to say to them.

I don’t know much, if anything, more about my direction for the future.  I know that I’m as conflicted as ever, but the sensations have decreased.  I can still hear the battle raging in my head, but it’s tinny now and sounds almost distant, versus the Dolby SurroundSound I was dealing with several days ago.  That’s of the good, I’m certain.  I’m waiting for the sounds to go away entirely, and then I can wait to hear what happens next.  I’ve set the 30th of June as a recheck date.  I hope to know what I’m doing (or not doing) as a next step by then.  It’s possible that I won’t, but I’ll at least reevaluate things at that point.  And probably a few times between now and then – it’s just a benchmark so that I don’t cruise into October on the same directionless riverboat.  Of course, this is me we’re talking about, so I’d say that’s about as unlikely as a rhinoceros stampede in my living room.  On the other hand, I do live only a few blocks from the zoo.     

*The first four eps of House, the newer Pride & Prejudice (bleh,) One Hour Photo, some S1 Alias with dear auntie (as well as the S1 finale commentary – excellent for laffs,) S3 of Grey’s off iTunes, several romantic comedies of varying quality, and the finales of CSI:NY, Numbers (I refuse to use that stupid 3) and Veronica.  Up next on the agenda:  More Grey’s S3, starting SPN S1 & Lost S2 and continuing House S1.  Also Casino Royale and Ocean’s 11 & 12.  And Heroes, again, off of iTunes.  And the other CSI finales & the Criminal Minds finale, so as to clean off my TiVo.  Who needs a name, btw.  I’ll start a separate post for suggestions on that topic.   

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