Life Goes On

Thanks for all the kindness in the last post’s comments.  The funeral was on Friday, and now I’m back at work, and life seems to be easing back towards normal.  After the last month’s soap-operaish hijinks, I’m just hoping for a boring week or three or fifty.  

News?  I’ve fallen hard for Alias.  Just bought all five seasons’ dvds in a box set hard.  Yes, I’m aware of the possible suckitude that awaits me in seasons three through five.  I’ll chance it.  After the Alias-meets-XF-Arcadia ep last night (random season 4 ep on ABC) I figure it’s worth a shot.  

WRT TTC, I’m planning my annual physical in June, and a probable RE consult in July, with testing (lab, u/s, HSG) thereafter, and hopefully an IUI with injectibles in September.  Back on the horse, y’all.  The waiting list with my agency is at a standstill, and I fully expect to hear from them in the next month or two with news that they’re scrapping the program altogether.  

And now, it’s 5:00, and I’m going home to drool watch Alias.

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