Ode to Samuel Morse

Grandfather dying.  Stop.

DNR.  Palliative care.  CHF.  ESRD.  Stop.

Orientation for new job today at same hospital.  Stop.

Trouble deciding on benefits for HR due to distraction.  Stop.

Other grandfather died on same floor of same hospital in 1975.  Stop.

Walls were green then, not peach.  Stop.

Apparently just as depressing, color notwithstanding.  Stop.

Debated including TTC expenses in FSA.  Stop.

Discovered RE and MWs both in network.  Stop.

Parents returned to Mayberry.  Stop.

Sobbed privately at having to be only defender of Grandpa’s DNR.  Stop.

Grandma wanted internal defibrillator left active to shock him “until he’s better.”  Stop.

Unable/unwilling to understand sheer torture & futility of above potential experience.  Stop.

Defibrillator turned off by nice man from EP.  Stop.

And now we wait.  Stop.  Just stop.

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