My Next Four Days

Neither TTC nor car pics come up in this post.  Sorry.  Soon, my friends, soon.

I’m leaving tomorrow night to go to Greensb-rg and help run the mobile medical clinic.  There are two providers at a time (both of my co-providers are known to be quality people, so that’s good.)   It’s apparently “intense” so we’re only allowed to stay for 3-4 days at a time.  I may be taking a second stint next week, too.  We’ll see.

I’m doing laundry and packing as I type this.  It’s apparently absolutely horrible down there.  37 people are still missing/unaccounted for.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t daunted at the whole thing, but it’s a need and I can fill it.  My heart just breaks for this sweet little town.  I haven’t worked there in the past, although I’ve driven through several times, but I’ve worked in a dozen similar sweet little towns.  It’s just awful.  

The little secret no one’s talking about is that small towns in the rural Midwest have been dying for decades.  The population’s aging as the kids move to the cities for college and don’t come home, and population has generally been shifting toward the cities.  I certainly hope they’ll rebuild, and support that – but what if they can’t? 

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