Seven months.  I submitted my dossier seven months and thirteen days ago, and precisely seven months ago it was sent to Vietnam, never to be heard from again.  (Okay, so I did hear when it was logged into IAD a few weeks later, but other than that…)  I actually feel farther from having my daughter than I did back then, rather than closer.  It’s odd.  I still work on her room from time to time, and am going to spend the next few hours tidying it up after redoing her closet – but I don’t feel any certainty of putting an actual living, breathing baby in that room.  

I’ve been #10 on the waiting list for ages now, since sometime in January.  No movement.  No referrals.  A series of increasingly asinine updates from my agency, none of which have much/any substantive information.  It’s enough to send a girl back to the RE, screaming “Fine!  IVF!  Here’s my wallet!  Whatever!!!”  But really, I’ve committed at this point.  Even if I wanted to get back on the TTC horse (and an evil bitch of a horse it is) – I couldn’t.  My child’s in Vietnam.  Somewhere.  All I have to do is be persistent, and if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s persistence.  (That and snark – but apparently that doesn’t help much in adoption.)

What have I been doing while waiting this month?  

Drinking coffee.
Keeping up my manicure.
Reading fanfic.
Applying for a new job.
Downloading music from ITunes.  (I heart Patty Griffin.)
Taking Piper for long walks on the grounds of the local defunct mental institution.
Counting points.
Enjoying the weather.
Spending quality time with H.
Watching Smallville.  And Grey’s Anatomy.  And Criminal Minds.  And The Prestige.
Drinking bourbon.
Interviewing for a new job.
Writing fanfic.
Toting my grandmother hither and yon.
Arranging flowers.
Reading message boards (I heart TWOP.)
Accepting a new job.
Meeting H’s new puppy-to-be.
Renovating Gert’s closet.
Doing my best not to go completely freaking crazy.

Everything’s going well, but the jury’s still out on that last one.  I’ll let you know at the eight month mark.

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