Birthday Meme

No, not my birthday.  Yet.  Wait a few months.

From Cali:

Go to Wikipedia.

In the search box type in the month of your birth and the date (not the year)

1) List three events that happened on the day of your birth

1888 – Jack the Ripper kills his first known victim.
1897 – Thomas Edison patents the first movie projector (the Kinetoscope.)
1987 – Michael Jackson releases “Bad”

2) List two “people of note” also born on the day

Emperor Caligula (ca. 12 A.D.) and Maria Montessori (1872)  What’s that about the sublime and the ridiculous?  Or perhaps the early childhood educator and the profoundly evil (and not in a good way?)  I digress.

3) List one “person of note” that died on the day

Princess Di.  1997.  I still remember it.  We’d just finished eating cake in the dorm.  Sniff. 

4) List any holiday or observances

Independence Day in Kyrgyzstan and Trinidad & Tobago. 

Paste answers here or at your own blog.

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