Ain’t Gonna Happen

Gah.  I emailed the agency today to get a revised estimate of my wait time (since the 4-6 months elapsed on February 18th.)  I’d heard 6-9 months from a person just behind me on “the list,” so I emailed for an update.  What a waste of time.  

The response:

Paragraph the first:  Blah blah, drivel, you’re in the top 15 (no shit, I know exactly what # I am based on everyone else’s DTV dates & process of elimination.)   Although some want either gender* & some want older kids, so blah blah different time frames (again, no shit.)  

Paragraph the second:  Things are slow in the two existing provinces (slow?  how ‘bout completely dead, being as there are “no infants” in one province, and no placements at all from the other.  and oh btw, no placements ever from the third province you’re licensed for.)  But of course they’re “optimistic” about the two new provinces.  Why, one wonders, with the current track record?  

Back to paragraph the first (but it makes more sense here):  They think that in the “next few months” they’ll be doing 5 referrals a month.  Meaning she thinks they’ll probably get to me by 9 months.  Or maybe not.  Psych!  And nevermind that a “few months” from now is well over my 9-month line (which is ~2 months away.)  Blargh.

I’m royally pissed, but there’s really no help for it.  My dossier is long since logged into IAD, and I’d have to start over from scratch (well, everything but I-171H & homestudy.)  And really, I don’t know of any agencies I’d consider reputable that have a shorter wait time than mine should probably be from here (i.e. if I started over with someone else.)  There are a few that do list a shorter time, but I know they’re sketchy, so it’s really not worth it.   So please don’t suggest “Oh, use my agency, they’re marvy & will give you a baby girl who’s practically an embryo in 3.5 nanoseconds,” alright?**

I’m just sick and fucking tired of the bait & switch, gosh, we know it’s hard to wait, blah blah blah.  It reminds me of when people (ones who get pregnant by osmosis) try to commiserate about infertility.  Um, you don’t know how I feel, not having ever been there, so don’t say that you do, k?

*um, dear, it’s SEX not GENDER unless these kids are old enough to express an opinion.  Geez.  How many times do I have to say this?  Not that I say things like that to my agency reps, but wouldn’t it be fun?

**And so help me God, if anyone cuts & pastes this and passes it on, I’ll have your liver for breakfast.  On toast.  Don’t.  Even.  Think.  About.  It. 

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