Monday Miscellaneous

Welcome to Monday, boys & girls. I’m back at work (again/still/forever) for a stint of 12 days this time. Ooh la la. One of the office staff is on the warpath (nothing related to me, thank God) so I’m staying under the radar.

This morning I’ve:

Awakened from a very, shall we say, interesting dream. Ahem. I won’t be elaborating, but suffice it to say I wanted to hurl the alarm across the room for interfering. 😉
Seen 5 patients, and written three prescriptions for antibiotics. (woo-ee) In my defense, the patients did each really need them.
Bought a new outfit from It’s a light khaki colored suit with two different light shells to go underneath. One’s coral, and one’s a periwinkle blue. This is for the, erhm, event foreshadowed in the previous friends-locked post.
Forced the nurse to give intramuscular injections to two screaming victims patients. (Both consenting adults, thankyouverymuch. I don’t torture children unless absolutely necessary.)
Successfully avoided eating the Girl Scout cookies (those new lemon ones…mmm) that are sitting in my office. Maybe after lunch.
Shrieked in annoyance at some of the posts on APV. “China lets us take huge amounts of cash with us for the donation! Therefore it’s OK in Vietnam, and wouldn’t lead to corruption or anything!” Blah.

Off to nuke a really exciting gourmet Smart Ones meal. Creamy Rigatoni with Broccoli and Chicken. Aren’t you jealous? I knew you would be.

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