This, my friends, is the long awaited “work post.” I wasn’t so much trying to keep you in suspense, as trying to decide what exactly I had to say, and how best to say it. And now fate has pushed my hand a bit, because I need the advice of the wise, wise internets. 🙂

I’ll start at the beginning. I love my job. I love my supervising docs, the clinics I work in, all of it. Other than the travel. Really, really starting to hate the travel. I’m a homebody at heart, and all this shuttling around the state sleeping in strange places has been starting to wear on me, after 2.5 years of it. Also, you may not have heard, but I’m adopting a baby. (Pauses for eye-rolls.) With baby comes the need for a bigger vehicle (to transport baby, au pair, etc.) and oh, yes, daycare for said baby. In the interests of consistency for baby and easy access for me, I’d been planning to use an au pair. Well, long story semi-short, the math just doesn’t work, unless I plan to work virtually every day, in which case I’m never, ever home.

So I’ve decided to get a job at home, more of a normal, regular gig. I hadn’t planned to start looking until I get a referral (or am close to it,) and then was planning to just do some cold-call type letters to the local clinics, ERs, etc.

Then what to my wondering eyes should appear but five, count’em five ER openings and a hospitalist opening, all in my two local hospitals ~ 1 mile from my house. Now, these are night jobs (four of them are 3 nights/week, 12 hr shifts, 6p-6a, one is 4 nights/week, 10 hr shifts, 8p-6a, and one I’m not sure about) so that does make a difference. Plus, I’d need to update my homestudy & employer letter (probably – have an email into my agency wrt that) and there’s a big question mark about maternity leave. Buuuut…I love ER. And ER openings (particularly on this scale) are historically pretty rare (as in, I’ve only seen two, ever, in four years of kinda/sorta watching the job posting site.) And of course I have no idea about compensation from the job postings, but would assume based on previous knowledge of these places that it’s relatively competitive. All of these openings have been posted in the past three weeks, so I have a few days of thinking time, but really should act sooner rather than later.

For night jobs, I’d probably try to hire a local college student for daycare (many local college students in my area) or could certainly lean on certain family members from time to time if necessary. Of course, it would be good to sleep occasionally, so…


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