On That Which Is Not Negative

I was going to title this post “positivity” – but frankly, let’s not aim over-high, alright? Lots of crabbiness down below (by which I mean previous posts, not my nether regions, because first, ew, and second, this is a public post after all) so I’ll do my best to improve. OK, maybe not my best. Will you settle for a half-decent stab at it?

Things about which I am pleased:

1) No PEO (women’s club) meeting tonight. I enjoy them most times, really, but was not in the mood to scrape snow off the crapmobile, and joy of joys, I didn’t have to.

2) Decently good ep of Veronica, featuring ManPain. What’s not to like?

3) Speaking of ManPain, I awoke this morning to find that I had nowhere in particular to be, a nice warm bed, a pile of snow outside, and a mini-X-Files marathon on SciFi. Ah, lovely. Donnie Pfaster is much less creepy at 7:45 in the morning, though, just so ya know.

And finally, in honor of Valentine’s Day I offer you a poll:

Which of the following shall I blog about, in honor of Valentine’s Day 2007?

A) My first kiss (ca. 1987.)

B) Top 5 celebrities I’ve never met, but would happily…ahem…offer a cup of tea…if they knocked on my door. (With pictures. Of celebrities, not tea or door.)

C) Recent adventures involving a fantastic product called Flexitol.

D) TV ‘ships that I like and/or that no longer make me want to spork my eyes out. With discussion.

E) Reader’s choice. Make your best suggestion.

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